• Rolled Lip Laser Welded Clamp Together Duct

    We know you'll fall in love with Clamp Together Duct!

    Rolled Lip Clamp Together System utilizes a rolled lip that is formed on the end of all parts. The lips (think small version of a 55 gal barrel) of the mating parts are joined together with a gasketed, over-center clamp. The clamp pulls the ends together and envelopes them inside the sealing gasket. The duct is available in galvanized or SS and in most gauges (depending upon diameter). Using the combination of a separate 11" long adjustable sleeve and/or the integral adjustable collar on each fitting, the Duct Clamp Together system is infinitely adjustable. This feature along with the clamp enables the novice or the professional to reduce installation time by 70%.

  • Vanstone Edge

    Our airtight Clamp Together Duct Tubing System is a modular, laser welded, clamp-and-gasket joining system that is guaranteed to be leak-free. Each component terminates in a Vanstone edge (a 5/16" turned out lip) that allows it to be joined to the next piece using a fully encompassing sealing gasket and high strength clamp. An adjustable sleeve pipe allows for infinite adjustments in the field. The components (pipe, branches, elbows, etc.) are offered in a ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ standard gauges ranging from 22-18. Custom gauges and materials are available to fit your application, as well.

  • Flanged Ducts

    Duct with flanges (angle rings) in black iron, galvanized or SS and with or without holes. The duct to which these flanges are attached it available in sizes 3" and up, and also in black iron, galvanized or SS. Construction methods range from lock seamed pipe and mechanically lock elbows in lighter gauges to a fully welded product in heavy gauges (even up to 1/4") - all depending upon the requirements of your application.

  • Flex Hose and Worm Clamps

    Components and accessories to meet your special application requirements